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Welcome to Sacred Earth Essentials!

At Sacred Earth Essentials we believe the earth is sacred; and you are, too. Sacred Earth Essentials is a holistic health consultation company and herbal farm nestled on a cozy 10 acre botanical sanctuary in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Here we offer a natural setting to explore during therapy, self-care consultations and herbal services. We teach an eclectic array of self-care options and health improvement tools and tips.


Founded by Stefanie Lingenfelter in 2017, we strive to wildcraft, grow and source the plants, products, and hand-made goods we offer from sustainable and ethical sources.


Sacred Earth Essentials goal is to connect people from all cultures and beliefs to more effective ways of caring for themselves and our planet. Self-care is a form of self-respect, just as being ecologically mindful is respectful to the earth. We like to think about it with the wise adage in mind: ‘Do unto others as you would have done unto you’. In light of this, we also advocate for health, social and environmental justice issues that influence how we care for ourselves, each other and the earth.


We are proud to be a Vermont farm and firm, with international reach, and look forward to working with you soon!

Some Of Our Products


Would you like to commemorate, memorialize or honor a loved one, living or passed, with an elderberry tree planted in their name? As one of the concepts the elderberry tree has been associated with in mythical, herbal lore is death, wisdom that comes with age, transformation, and a touch of magic, I find it fitting to plant one in honor of someone who has passed. It is also said to protect those who respectfully take shelter under it. With this in mind, I will place a small plaque beneath the tree you purchase for planting at Sacred Earth Essentials’s  ‘Elder Grove’ with the name and ‘in honor of’ inscribed therein. I can then send a picture of the tree you planted with the plaque. Special visits may be scheduled by appointment. Elderberry syrup from these trees will be donated to local elders.


These are the follow-up sessions to your original self-care consultation. As my practice is very client-centered, you will lead the sessions by reviewing your self-care progress, concerns and interests. I will listen intently, provide feedback, coaching support and encouragement, and new self-care tips, as needed. These self-care sessions follow a holistic approach, providing space for you to explore any aspect of your health that you would like. $75/hour session $40/half hour session.

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