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“Better Together” Berry syrup made with Elderberries, hawthorn berries, astragalus, ginger, cinnamon, and Vermont honey. Elderberry is used worldwide as an herbal immune system booster. Carefully crafted with the intention of also supporting our heart chakras during current challenging times, this berry syrup is a must have for your home kitchen apothecary! To learn more about the specific plants involved, make sure to check out my video Materia Medica on YouTube!


Dynamic and Holistic Psychotherapy: 60 minutes

Sessions may vary based on your interests and needs. These sessions are designed to focus more on mental and emotional health, while also educating on the mind-body connection and health promotions. Distance HEALY Resonance can be included upon client request. Purchase here and you will receive an email with relevant paperwork and further instructions. Thank you!


Are you interested in learning specifically about herbalism, gardening and growing your own herbs?

If you would like personalized lessons that are designed to meet your specific area(s) of interest/needs, this is the option for you.

This individualized package includes a combination of your choice of written and video lesson, in-person lesson/consult, garden/forest walk, or growing lesson and Garden Planning. This service is provided per hour, but can also be bought as a package upon request. Travel currently in Vermont/New Hampshire Only.


During your initial consultation, we review a self-care and well-being intake packet, disclosure forms, and other relevant information to our session(s) together. It is here when you can tell me your concerns and what you are interested in working on and learning. During this appointment, we begin a Self-Care Plan of Action. During follow-up self-care sessions, we review the progress you are making on your Plan of Action and make adjustments, as needed. Purchase here and I will contact you to book.

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