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Holistic Life Coaching


Holistic Health Counseling and Self-Care Coaching – 1 hour

These sessions are designed to educate, focus and encourage a holistic and health-conscious approach to mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing. With your self-care desires in mind, I provide a safe container for you to discuss your life, while we co-create a personalized plan of action for improving and better enjoying your life.

Utilizing a psychodynamic, solution focused, and educational approach deeply rooted in unconditional positive regard, I am here to listen, to assist you in getting to know and understand yourself better, to become aware of where and how you would like to improve, assist in resolving interpersonal conflicts, self-care plan and educate on the mind-body connection and health promotions. We can include a variety of healing modalities, astrology assisted psychotherapy, and herbal education. In-person, outdoors and online. Clinical drug and alcohol counseling provided through North Country Counseling, PLLC.

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Infused with the influences of holistic psychology, herbalism, astrology and more, we take the time together to review and honor the parts of yourself that you are still healing and learning to love. Through a combination of solution focused and client centered practices, we can dive deep together into the mind, body and soul healing that you are yearning towards. These Sacred Sessions have their foundations rooted in psychodynamic mental health, shamanism and spiritual practices. This is not a substitute for clinical services, rather an upgrade to enhance your wellbeing and improve relationships and your life as a whole, with an eclectic influence of holistic health modalities from around the world. We will develop a Self-Care Plan, including herbal information, an astrological view, CBT strategies, tapping solutions, yoga, meditation and more.


1 hour, 30 minutes


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