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What is terroir?

Have you ever noticed the difference between a vegetable you or a friend grew versus one from the grocery store? For example, I notice a huge difference between carrots and blueberries that grow on my land compared to those I’ve bought from the store. One reason for this difference is the different terroir in which they were grown.

Terroir often refers to the complete natural environment in which a particular wine is cultivated and produced. Elements such as the soil content and quality, topography, water, and climate all come together to create a specific area’s unique terroir. These elements affect more than just grapes. Connoisseurs of wine may taste a terroir within a wine, discerning with keen taste buds, experience and deep knowledge of the land and people from whence the wine came. A region’s terroir is made up of a special combination of these factors that are not found anywhere else. Here in Vermont, we have that: a special combination of soil, water, topography, climate and culture not exactly found anywhere else.  We even have a wide variety of small terroirs within our green mountain state.

I believe that a person carries with them their own ‘terroir’. We carry with us the spirit of the land(s), peoples and experiences our lives have been imprinted upon by. One may also call it an essence. Each region of land has it’s own special terroir; from this terroir evolves language and culture. We, too, each have our own combination of factors that contributes to the unique essence of who we are and what we have to offer the world.

Interested in exploring your own inner terroir in greater depths? Needing to learn how to better care for your unique self? Curious to taste more of Vermont’s terroir? Then order some of our handcrafted herbal products and/or book your initial self-care consultation today. The best way to get to know a region’s terroir, is to go there yourself. So, when COVID is over, don’t forget to book a a trip to visit our terroir in the one and only, Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. 🙂

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