welcome to sacred earth essentials!

Winter greetings from Vermont!

Welcome to my blog and new website (thanks, Scott & Team!). Also, a huge thank you to Amy Robinson from the Vermont Microbusiness Development program for all of her years of support and encouragement and a big thank you to the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development Small Business Recovery Technical Assistance grant awarded through Northern Community Investment Corporation, which has helped make this website possible. No one has asked me to express my gratitude here in a blog post, but I feel it’s important to give thanks and to feel appreciative of all that we can. Gratitude is an essential component of my work and an attitude I find important to cultivate with Sacred Earth Essentials and all we do.

So, why Sacred Earth Essentials? You may be wondering why I have stuck with this name after years of deliberation, why do I want to get the message across that the earth is sacred, and so are you? I believe the earth is sacred in the simple sense of being worthy of respect and reverence, which in turn, equates to care. I believe the same of people. I believe the two are intertwined. Taking care of oneself is an act of respect, reverence, and appreciation. You are worthy of that. Taking care of the earth is the same. We can take care of ourselves, each other, and the earth in more holistic and effective ways. Sacred Earth Essentials is committed to making that happen in socially just, sustainable and authentic ways.

A special person, one of the previous owners of my home, left a message in the potting shed before he left that says:
‘It is only sacred to those who believe’.
I get his point, and so, I still believe.
Do you?

With Love & Gratitude,


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