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My name is Stefanie Lingenfelter, raised in Pennsylvania, I’ve been a Vermont resident for the past 12 years. This is where Sacred Earth Essentials, LLC began. I always feel thankful to be here and strive to give back.

My passions include people, plants, self-care, and the synergistic and historical relationship between the three. My love for nature extends as far back into my childhood as I remember. It is this love of nature that led me to study plants, health, and the people and cultures who honor the earth in environmentally and socially just ways. Without the earth, I would not be here. Sacred Earth Essentials, LLC is my dream of not only creating and living a life that I love, but also a dream of helping others to do the same, in their customized ways. To work with me and create your specialized plan for self-care and healing, please book a session with me at the shop!

Although I did not grow up with a family or community elder to teach me about natural and traditional healing modalities, I did have my relationship with nature, a strong awareness of social justice issues, and the ever evolving ability to listen to my heart. It was this love that brought me to Vermont, where I have had the opportunity to study herbalism, shamanism, psychotherapy, counseling and multiple dynamic healing modalities from renowned herbalists, farmers, therapists, doctors, other health practitioners. community leaders and more.

It is with joy and a grateful heart that I give thanks to these elders, mentors and fellow lovers of life for their wisdom, encouragement, insight and love. One can only hope to pay homage through good works and sharing of the torch with others now and for future generations.

One project special, near and dear to my heart, involves creating beautiful gardens for reflection and personal healing opportunities. At Sacred Earth Essentials, I’ve cultivated a special garden space where one may enter to honor both their grief, as well as to celebrate life and the love they have experienced.

It’s been my experience that life contains both, and when we acknowledge and honor that in ways that work well for us, we are often transformed, or at least, soothed. If you would like to plant a tree to honor a loved one, private message me for options.

Over time the gardens here will grow and our ability to offer retreats, workshops and parties will, too! Until then, thank you for your interest and as always, stay tuned. 🙂