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The earth is sacred; you are, too!

Sacred Earth Essentials

Welcome to Sacred Earth Essentials!

I believe that the earth is sacred and essential, just as you are. I celebrate people from all paths of life and want you to know that you matter and belong. The mission is to connect people with the healing power of nature. We work to transform individual and collective trauma and grief, with a special focus on women’s issues, earth justice, and the connection between. We learn how to grow into healthy relationships and new life. The aim is to improve your quality of self-care and love through nature-based and dynamic healing modalities. The first relationship we focus on is the one with yourself.


Sacred Earth Essentials was born out of my heart’s unwavering mission to cultivate peace, and stand in solidarity with Indigenous peoples and the Earth. Although I am small, I have always been determined to help, whether through sharing ideas or lifting someone up when they are down. I promise to donate at least 10% of my profits to the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center ( https://www.niwrc.org/ ) and Vermont’s local Abenaki (AHA, Inc. (abenakitribe.org and Home (abenakibisonproject.org), in addition to raising awareness and support for global social justice through education, services, and garden parties. Healing and social justice can be fun!


Sacred Earth Essentials, LLC is a trauma-informed, feminine influenced, eco-conscious organization which strives to transform the stigma around mental health, herbalism, cannabis and more.


I provide essential holistic health counseling, education, coaching and herbal products online and in-person from our growing 10 acre botanical wellness sanctuary and small craft herb farm.


Located on Abenaki land, also known as the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. When you visit our gardens, you will find a natural outdoor setting to enjoy during therapy, retreats, meditation, self-mastery and herbal services. We connect you to an eclectic array of fun and wholesome tools to nurture your mind, body and soul.


Self-care is self-respect.


When we see and believe that we are worthy of living a healthy life, we can begin a new journey of self-love, mastery, and joy. It is simple: when we love and care for ourselves, we are healthier and better able to celebrate life. As we care for the earth, we care for ourselves and our communities. All Win!


Officially founded by Stefanie Lingenfelter in 2017, we strive to wildcraft, grow and source the plants, products, and hand-made goods we offer from sustainable and ethical sources. We strongly believe in health, social and environmental justice, and advocate for equity, policy reform, seed saving, feeding communities and transforming mental health and cannabis stigma through creative social influence and collaborations. We are committed to making the world a better place.


Please explore our shop for an ever evolving collection of essential tools, courses and products from around the world!


We feel thankful to be a Vermont farm and firm, with intentional and international reach, and look forward to working with you soon. Thank you for being here.


Be well and remember: The Earth is Sacred AND Essential; you are, too!

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